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Aztec Harvest Blend - Mix #4 - Canada

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A Perfect Blend of Wholeness! A little goes a long way. Use on its own or by the spoonful to enrich other mixes.
Weight: 1kg - 2.2 lb. re-sealable pouch.

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Mix #4
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1kg - 2.2 lbs
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A blend of naturally gluten free Quinoa, Teff, Sorghum  & Chia seeds with sprouted flax and sprouted chia seeds. Specially blended to create a mild and delicious taste. More whole foods are recommended for a healthy balanced diet. A little goes a long way to add some wholeness to your gluten free diet.


Use to make gluten free: Flat breads, hot porridge, artisan breads, pumpernickel bread, add to any recipe for more whole grain/seed goodness. Adds healthy and delicious whole grain goodness to your baking by the spoonful or more! Even cookies, cakes & pies can be more nutrient rich!

Free From: gluten - wheat - milk - lactose - soy - corn - rice - bean/pea - sesame - tree nut - peanut - sulphites

Made in a dedicated and certified gluten free HACCP facility - Kosher Parve.

Easy  Quick - Fun Recipes

Make Corn Free Mock-Rye Breads, see e-Cookbook update for the latest recipes available soon. Aztec Harvest Blend contains Teff and Quinoa, two of the most nutritious gluten free flours available. Milled to exacting standards to maintain their original purity as nature intended. Most gluten free whole grains

are milled alongside some other grains and often have 19ppm or more gluten via cross contamination. Now you can add whole grain goodness to your diet with Astoria Mills Aztec Harvest Blend, specially formulated to maximize nutrition as well as taste.  A little goes a long way! Contains super foods, sprouted flax and sprouted chia seeds, ground chia and more.

Aztec Harvest Flat Bread

Flatbread quarters for dipping1 cup Aztec Harvest Blend #4
plus ¼ cup for rolling,

¼ tsp. salt,
½ cup hot (not boiling) water.


Mix together to make a soft dough. Knead dough on a lightly oiled surface to make the dough smooth and pliable. Set the dough aside and cover with damp cloth. Let rest 15 min. Roll dough into a log, cut into equal portions, shape into balls. Press 1 ball at a time in more Mix #4, roll into a thin circle.
Place circles one at a time into preheated skillet. (Water sprinkled on pan sizzles) Cook on both sides until golden brown in spots. Use as a dipping bread, roll-up or just plain with butter or olive oil is yummy too! Store in an airtight container. These are a kind of gluten free chappatti.

Quick n'Hot -Aztec Harvest Porridge.

Aztec Harvest Porridge

1. Pour 1½ cup of cold water in sauce pan,
2. add: ⅓ cup Aztec Harvest Blend #4, dash salt.
3. Stir, bring to boil. Simmer 3 minutes.

Serve as desired with brown sugar, milk and fruit.

Boston Harvest Brown Bread or Muffins

yeast free (1 dozen muffins)

Boston Harvest Brown Bread gluten free

Mix together dry ingredients:
2 cups Aztec Harvest Blend #4,
1 cup Astoria Mills Fine Flour Mix #3,
2 tblsp. Psyllium, ¼ teasp. salt,
3 tblsp. baking powder,
2 tblsp. honey.

Whisk wet ingredients until frothy:
4 eggs (or use 4 tblsp. flaxmeal),
¾ cup oil,
2 cups cold water.

Blend together, pour batter into well greased pan or muffin cups.
Bake at 325F for 40 minutes or tester comes out clean.

Artisan Breads

You can use Aztec Harvest Blend to add whole gluten free nutrition to breads or rolls you make with Brown Bread -Mix #6 or White Bread -Mix #7 and even Pizza & Bun Mix #5. Let your imagination go and you will always have exciting new breads to eat using Astoria Mills mixes. Aztec Harvest Blend is formulated to use as a stand alone blend or as an additive to any other Astoria Mills mixes. Even a piece of pie can be more nutritious!

(1 large loaf as pictured on  Aztec Harvest Blend #4 front label) Bread can be baked in normal bread pan or shaped in Artisan shapes as desired.

Aztec Harvest Artisan Bread Recipe

Aztec Harvest Artisan Loaf

Blend in separate bowl:
½ cup of Aztec Harvest Blend #4
with 2 cups Astoria Mills Wholesome Bread Mix #6

Mix wet and dry ingredients together.
Cover, let dough rest at room temperature 2 hours. Knead with Mix #3.
Shape, brush top with oil or egg wash. Bake @350F for 40 min. or until done
Whisk in separate bowl:
3 eggs (or 3 tblsp. flaxmeal)
2 tablespoons vegetable oil,
1½ cup lukewarm water.

Tip: Yeast needs enough moisture to proof properly, if dough is too tight, add another 1/4 cup of water or more.

Nutritious Graham Style Crackers

Gluten Free Graham-Style Crackers

Can be made ahead and stored in airtight an container for up to 6 months.

Great to have on hand and take on trips with you or send along in a lunch box.

Also great used crumbled, as a bottom layer for cream pies or New York Style Cheesecakes.

Blend Dry ingredients:
¾ cup AM Aztec Harvest Blend Mix #4,
2 cups AM Fine Flour Mix #3,
dash salt, 1 teasp. baking soda,
1 teasp. Xanthan Gum, ¼ cup dark brown sugar.

Cream together in separate bowl:
¼ cup soft butter or margarine,
2 eggs, (or use 4 tablespoons flaxmeal egg substitute and add instead to dry ingredients)
1 tblsp. blackstrap molasses,
½ cup water. (Add more warm water when using flax)

Mix all together.
Knead using Astoria Mills Fine Flour Mix #3. Roll out ¼ inch thick.
Slice into 3 x 4 inch rectangles, prick with fork. Place on parchment paper lined cookie sheet. Bake at 350F for 10 minutes, flip and bake 6 more minutes.
Turn oven off, leave crackers in oven, let dry for 2 hours. Store in tightly closed container once completely cooled.

Campfire S’mores

Place 1 square of graham style cracker as bottom layer. Place gf chocolate bar on top. Roast marshmallow on stick over open fire, place on top of chocolate and cover with another graham style cracker. Squish together and enjoy an America Classic.

...Feel good and enjoy all the foods you love again.

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